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A big Thank You to Rococo Software

Rococo Software is a leading company in Java-Bluetooth technologies.

And they have decided to offer to this project a free license of their Impronto Simulator, which is an amazing piece of software that is going to help us to a great extent.

They have also mentioned that they could even lend us two PDAs to help porting Valhalla Chat to these platforms.

I just can’t thank them enough for their help and support.

You can have a look at their website if interested.

PDA port has been delayed

The next version of Valhalla Chat was going to be available for PDAs.
Two versions were going to be released: one for Windows Mobile and another one for Linux Familiar.

But unfortunately I’m not going to be able to borrow a pair of Ipaqs that I was counting with.

So the PDA ports are going to be delayed until further notice.

If you are interested in helping the development team getting access to a PDA, there are two things you can do:

Nokia Nseries phones have been succesfully tested

The phones Nokia N70 and N80 have been successfully tested and Valhalla Chat runs properly in both of them.

The application should also work fine in any other Nseries model.

If you have used the application in a phone model we still haven’t heard about, please tell us about the experience.


Want to join the Valhalla Chat team?

The new version of Valhalla Chat 0.3 it’s on the way, but some help is needed in order to get this done as soon as possible.

There are two open positions:

– C#, .NET Compact Framework developer

– Graphics designer

Want to know more about them?, ask here: info[at]valhallachat[dot]com

More phones supported

Thanks to all the users that have reported about Valhalla Chat running on their phones.
Now we can confirm that Valhalla Chat runs without bugs on all these models:

Nokia: 6233, 6280. SonyEricsson: K700i, K750i, K790, K800i, W810, W810i, W900i.
Motorola: v360, RZOR V3x, SLVR, PEBL. Sendo: X

But there are still a lot of phones to be tested. Please use the phone report system to tell
us how good/bad Valhalla Chat runs in your phone.

Avetana binaries for AMD64 now available

Yes, there’s no need to compile the avetana library if you are a proud owner of a 64 bits processor.

They’re available in the linux tutorial.

Thanks very much to Kasper Sandberg for submiting these files


New version 0.2.2b fixes execution bug under Linux/Mac

When trying to run the application this exception was obtained

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/bluetooth/BluetoothStateException

cancelling its execution.

The new version 0.2.2b is packaged in a different way and avoids this problem.

Don’t forget to check the updated article in the FAQ, to follow the new installation process.


Logo design contest!!!

You can help Valhalla Chat by designing a new logo.
The current one doesn’t look too bad but it’s not really portable to devices with small screens.


The requirements for the logo are:

  • The logo can contain text and/or graphics.
  • The colours have to be in a range of blues.
  • It has to be resizable to small measures like: 24×24 and 32×32.
  • A set of logos can be provided, for instance the 24×24 logo could be section of a bigger 100×80 sample.
  • The original sources have to be included, whatever they are: svg, fh, psd…
  • The files have to be submited before the 1st of October.

The BIG prize

0.2.2 is now available for the Sendo X

Afer a user reported about the incompatibility of the program with the Sendo X, a new version has now been released for this great phone.

Only one day after the issue was reported, how cool is that?

If you have a Sendo X you can get it now.

Remember, if you find any problems with a certain phonel model, please use the feedback form to let us fix it.

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