ValhallaChat, bringing up a free bluetooth instant messenger for mobile devices



  • Bluetooth hardware.
    It can be built-in or a USB dongle.
  • Java 1.5.
    Can be downloaded from (if you still don't have it).
  • A bluetooth stack.
    Windows XP: Microsoft stack (included with XP service pack 2). 
    Linux: Bluez (it's probably already included in your kernel). 
    Mac: Mac os 10.3(Panther) or 10.4(Tiger).
  • A JSR-82 implementation
    Windows XP: (already included in the installer package). 
    Linux: free implementation that runs on top of Bluez. 
    Mac: can also be used on Mac but this version costs 25 euros.

    There are quite a few implementations/projects that could be used for this purpose. If you manage to find an implementation of JSR-82 that you consider can be suitable, suggest it please.

Mobile phones:

Look for your phone in the and check its status.

There are three :

  • supported: the application has been confirmed to run fine on it.
  • bugs: the application will mostly work but some issues could be expected. 
  • not_supported: the application will not work at all. This is usually because the phone doesn't allow to access the Bluetooth radio-link from within Java software.


The PDA has to provide as well a bluetooth stack and a Java Virtual Machine. There are several combinations that could make use of Valhalla Chat:

  • Familiar Linux + Bluez + avetana
  • Familiar Linux + IBM J9 vm
  • Microsoft PocketPc + Creme VM + ???

None of these have been tested at all. If you manage to get it running on a PDA, please let us know.

The upcoming version 0.3 is probably going to be ported to PDAs so it may be worth the wait.
If you have a PDA and would like to beta-test for us that would be much appreaciated:


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