how to create a centered “image + text” watermark in pdf files with c#

I am actually attempting to create pdf along with watermark using pdfmake.However on using the characteristic “watermark:’examination'”, the pdf is not being actually generated.An error turns up on the console pointing out “Font style ‘undefined’ in design ‘normal’ is not defined in the font area of the document definition”. Just how to produce PDF’s along with watermark using PDFMAKE JS public library.

I can certainly not seem to be to locate a procedure or even an option that connects to the one in the Adobe settings with Add Watermark for “Incrustation Relative to target page”.

images is actually simpler due to the fact that they possess benefit approaches for scaling, likewise, what do you recognize under 75%? Should the jumping package of the watermark cover 75% of the original page place, Should the duration of the jumping carton be 75% of the original page length? Same for distance?

Can I install the image and also the text message in some element and afterwards compute the posture like I’m doing currently? An additional remedies or even tips?

Attempted producing an alternative of the Textwatermark instances that scales the watermark to deal with an amount of the complete page location. Basically, it’s a direct algebra issue of discovering the appropriate scaling makeover and also seeing to it all other interpretations as well as rotations are actually right

I am actually using the C# library, and I’m making an effort to incorporate a watermark at the end of the page. The watermark is actually straightforward, it has actually to be actually centered a possesses an image on the left and a text message on the.

The aspect is that I do not desire to place the message in PNG style, I need to have to put it in “content method”.

At this moment, I possess the image As Well As the message in a png layout. I can easily figure out the posture where I intend to put the image (centered) computing the page dimension and image measurements, and now I desire to include the content AS message (far better readability, etc.).

I would like to add a functionality of incorporating a watermark using C# library to the pdf document that is actually being incorporated to the library. For this I developed a celebration audience that is actually set off when thing is actually being incorporated.

You may wish to indicate the actions you want rather than pointing in the direction of features of various other software.

As well as after that publishing the watermarked document to the library as well as not the authentic pdf. I recognize that it can additionally be actually performed by means of operations however I am quite new to sharepoint. So if whatsoever you possess an answer that has workflow in it please give the web link that clarifies the workflow for automating the pdf watermarking.

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