Windows 7 gadgets

Gadgets put fun, information and functionality like news, pictures, games, and many more on your Windows desktop or Sideshow device—clocks, weather, search, traffic, and lots more. Windows 7 is definitely one of the successful Versions of Operating System from Microsoft. It gives very good user experience. Gadget feature was introduced with Vista and has been improved in Windows 7. There are hundreds of free gadgets available for the latest version of Windows, but there are very few that are very useful. By default, Windows 7 offers several handy gadgets like such as Currency, Feed headlines, Weather, and Calendar.

In Windows Vista, gadgets are lined up on the right side of your desktop. Windows 7 sets them free on the screen, where they can be easily moved and resized by the user according to their own need and convenience. Gadgets in Windows 7 can do more than show the weather or news. Many gadgets are useful as system monitoring tools that keep track of Windows 7 resources like CPU, memory, hard drive and network usage. For the people who are not satisfied from the available window 7 gadgets various sites have collected all kinds of Windows 7 Gadgets that can be easily selected and downloaded for your window 7.

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