ValhallaChat, bringing up a free bluetooth instant messenger for mobile devices


- Since 0.2.2b

    (General binary)

  • BUG fixed: Application is now able to execute wihout the error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/bluetooth/BluetoothStateException"
  • BUG fixed: Some missing strings have been added to the available translations.

    (Windows XP)

  • BUG fixed: Application won't crash when searching for rooms.
  • BUG fixed: Some missing strings have been added to the available translations.

- Since 0.2.2

  • Desktop port multilanguage (English, Spanish and Catalan available)
  • User events (entered/left room)
  • The list of connected users is retrieved
  • If a user disconnects abruptly (switching off the phone) the connection is removed properly from the server.
  • BUG fixed: Desktop port saves and reads preferences.
  • BUG fixed: Desktop port uses the menus.
  • BUG fixed: Desktop port (WinXP) will only display "real" available rooms, no more weird services will appear as fake rooms.
  • Minor BUGS fixed.

- Since 0.2.1

  • Improved chat room interface in the mobile port (scrolling and linewrapping)
  • Port for pc's (tested under WinXp SP2 and Mac)

- Since 0.2

  • Create chat rooms
  • Search for and join chat rooms
  • Disconnect tidily from a chat room
  • Send plain-text messages
  • Save and restore options (user name/language)

- Upcoming features:

  • Encrypted communications
  • XML messaging (for the sake of standarization).
  • Password protected rooms.
  • Session events (like clients enter/leaving the room).
  • User names in different colours.
  • Translations, we are looking for translators that can help with languages that are still not available. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you could help with any language that we still do not provide.
  • Java ME PDA port???
  • GNU/Familiar port???


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