Open Microsoft Word in “compare document” mode from command prompt

You could possibly produce a console app that opens up Word, lots in the 2 documents and switches Word to the contrast documents viewmode. As an alternative of introducing Word straight from the command line you launch your application.

I’ve tried to clear away Methods Tag but the add-in still certainly not show up. The add-in series up once more when I get rid of the Requirements tag.

The trouble is, I am unable to discover any kind of order which may be run coming from order urge to open up pair of documents in match up mode.

I’ve examined the listing of command pipes shifts as well as I didn’t observe just about anything relevant.

I am actually focusing on an internet job where client needs a functions to initial upload some MS Word document & after that he may match up any type of two of the uploaded documents.

The suggestion I formulated is actually to initially bring in the documents accessible using WEBDAV & after that available both documents using command collection with “Match up parallel” choice. In this method he will definitely be capable to match up & change pair of documents.

I load office add-in js file from CDN with this hyperlink:

As document stated this is actually the most up to date model of the office api. In my add-in, I just make use of Office.context.document.setSelectedDataAsync which is belong to Assortment Demands Ready to switch out market value from my Word

What I’ve done incorrect below? Performs I utilize inappropriate model of Office Api or even the config in show is incorrect?

Have you tried using the “Upload My Add-in” hyperlink (best right in the discussion revealed) to submit your reveal and confirm that it operates? If that works, then possibly there is actually a concern in just how the show was published to Office 365?

So right here it is. There are actually some unknown squares that show every new line, does not matter if they are empty or otherwise. It looks like this: Click on this link to observe the image

When i post thee add-in in Office 365, my add-in worked on my debug yet. It not look in the property display and also in ‘My Add-ins’ button. Everytime customer (in my organisation) use this add-in, they possess to go to insert the add-in once more. That’s why i consider to utilize the criteria collection

I was actually attempting to do something in Microsoft Word and also I performed something that I can easily turn back to typical as well as it’s driving me ridiculous for days currently.

Think about not utilizing the requirement established meaning in the show if you’re not making an effort to restrain where your add-in presents up.

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