Free, or Almost Free ISPs seem to be disappearing these days; the other problem is, trying to come up with things to write about them since they all have so few extras. MyFreei is yet another ISP from the same wagon as DotNow and Internet4Free, it's just another FREE (10 hours/mo) ISP among couple of others and could end up sunk sooner than later. All would be true if it weren't for the fact that MyFreei has a little different approach than your average FREE ISP.

Being just another service of Hawk Communications Myfreei mostly uses Level3 POPs, which provides good quality access and is V.92 enabled. Despite 10 hours a month limit and not having much in the way of features and support, the ISP itself achieves what it set out to conquer. It's reasonably fast, accessible, and easy.

The website may not be the most detailed or interesting design on the planet (to my own opinion - it sucks) but it does contain enough information to get you on-line and fix most of the problems. Standard E-Mail support didn't appear to be extremely fast and effective, and there are numerous complains about it. You'll excuse us if we didn't test out the phone support =), can you say "$5 per call?". So while support could be better, the ISP remains free (well, almost free) and thus we can give it some leeway on the issue, but not much.

MyFreei is an Almost Free ISP that not many people have heard about or likely use, yet they prove that you don't have to be top brass to offer an above average service. It's fairly fast and easy but still needs some work on the support and web site. We found $5.00 per support call to be quite high even for a FREE ISP, so as long as you are well experienced in the Internet and fine with 10 hours per month, then this is for you. Perhaps not a good choice for the family but almost certainly one for those who needs Internet just to check their e-mail or local weather...


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