Sysmatrix is our new addition to the realm of inexpensive dialup ISPs and one that shouldn't be swept under the carpet just for being unknown. Having said that its website still appears to require some work (to the extent of that my neighbor's 12 years old kid could've done a better job. No kidding), but we're only interested in what the ISP has to offer.

Speed wise the ISP seems capable of pretty impressive web browsing speeds and downloads (they use UUNet's POPs). On one download our 64Kbps single-channel ISDN connection managed to use near 100% of its bandwidth (7.9Kbps). Despite this, online gaming performance was poor with an average 110 / 120ms in Warcraft.

Support in general and support portion of the website is another weak area of the ISP, while E-Mails do get responded to within a day or two and there's a toll-free support line, you could spend over 15 minutes on hold. The website's support section is clearly cheesy. Considering limited access (250 hours /mo.), it can make it a hard sell for new Internet users.

In general, Sysmatrix appears to impress with its download speeds and exceptional pricing. The support part of their website (as well as the website itself), and customer / technical support clearly needs more work to succeed.


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